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Adobe Business Catalyst is one of the easiest CMS's to use, but becoming adept at using any system involves a learning curve. We're committed to helping our clients get the most out of Business Catalyst. This blog is dedicated to BC-related tips and advice, updates and new features.

If you've read this post, the answers to many of the following questions will be already apparent. If you have reached this page directly from our November 2019 email announcement, we trust the following will address some of your queries regarding BC website migrations:

What if I don't want to migrate my website?

You don't have to migrate your website. However, if you choose to take this approach, know that your website will cease to exist on 26 March 2021 when Adobe shuts down the Business Catalyst servers.

The EOL isn't until March 2021 - can't I postpone website migration until closer to the EOL date?

Yes, you can delay the migration of your website. However, our reasons for encouraging early migration are threefold:

  1. We want to avoid a last-minute stampede. This is what will likely happen if all of our clients wait until close to the EOL date to migrate their websites. For this reasons we have developed a migration schedule. If you delay the migration of your website, we can not guarantee that we will have the capacity to perform your migration before the EOL date.
  2. Since the EOL announcement, BC has been functioning on skeleton development and support teams; we have seen certain features break and be simply abandonned instead of being fixed.
  3. We can provide a better product at a lower cost* on indie.web's new CMS platform.

In short, remaining on BC is not without its risks.

What are the alternatives? What if I don't want to migrate to indie.web's new CMS?

If you're unsure about migrating to indie.web's CMS or wish to discuss other options, we are happy to help. Be aware however that reseach is a time-consuming process and one that we have already undertaken.

To date, indie.web has spent over 100 hours scoping, researching and rigorously testing various CMS platforms. We have assessed at all of our clients' websites, identified their requirements and considered any aspects that may not be working as well as they could be. Our clients haven't paid a cent for this research but do stand to reap the benefits. This article should give some insight into our reasons for selecting a hosted, open-source CMS.