Business Catalyst Resources

Adobe Business Catalyst is one of the easiest CMS's to use, but becoming adept at using any system involves a learning curve. We're committed to helping our clients get the most out of Business Catalyst. This blog is dedicated to BC-related tips and advice, updates and new features.

If you've read our previous blog post on fighting spam on Business Catalyst websites, you may have found the standard issue CAPTCHA image a bit bland:

We recommend changing the colour of the capture image to suit the design/theme of your website.

BC CAPTCHAs Can Be Coloured?!

Yes, indeed!! A quick delve into BC's Reference Guide reveals the options available for styling the CAPTCHA image.

If you're a BC user who doesn't mind getting stuck in at a code level, changing the colours of the CAPTCHA image is easy!

In the BC Admin:

  1. Navigate to Site Manager > Web Forms
  2. Select the form you want to customise
  3. Click the More Actions tab > Customize Web Form
  4. Click the HTML tab at the bottom of the editor window
  5. Locate {module_captchav2} and insert the required parameters

Available options are:

  • Background Colour
  • Foreground (text) Colour
  • Width
  • Height

Syntax is as follows (default values included):

{module_captchav2 backgroundColor="#696969" foregroundColor="#ffffff" width="160" height="36"}

If you're not comfortable editing at a code level (or simply lack the time) and would like coloured CAPTCHA implemented on your website, let us know.