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Newsletter: Business Catalyst Invoicing Update

Below is the email newsletter sent to all of our Business Catalyst clients on 14 June, 2019.

Dear Recipient,

Due to the BC EOL and in preparation for migration away from the Business Catalyst platform, all websites currently on an annual subscription are going to be transitioned to a monthly subscription. The purpose of the change is to provide greater flexibility for migration timing (sites on an annual subscription require more planning to synchronise migration with billing period rollover.

The transition was going to be an automatic process but in a recent email announcement Adobe have recommended making the change manually to "avoid any inconvenience related to the initial invoice processing". Adobe don't elaborate on what they mean by "inconvenience" but we have already seen a number of adjustments made to the BC system since the EOL announcement that have resulted in problems for our clients.

Direct Monthly Invoicing

Accordingly, we will be manually converting all indie.web client websites to a monthly subscription over the next 2 weeks. This process requires a change in billing relationship and as a result you will no longer receive invoices from Adobe Business Catalyst directly, but will instead receive a monthly invoice from indie.web in NZD with pricing as follows:

Legacy Plan
New Plan
Legacy: webBasics+
New: Bronze
Rate: $20.00*
Legacy: webMarketing
New: Silver
Rate: $35.00*
Legacy: webCommerce
New: Gold
Rate: $65.00*

* Prices exclude GST.

Option to Opt Out

If you wish to maintain a direct billing relationship with Adobe you may opt out of the above arrangement by completing the form here before 5pm Wednesday 19 June, 2019. Please note that if a direct billing relationship with Adobe is maintained, any complications arising from the automatic conversion to a monthly subscription which require our support to resolve will incur our standard hourly rate of $120.00/hr (less any Valued Client Discount).

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via phone or email.

Kind Regards,
The indie.web Team