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Coloured CAPTCHA Images in Business Catalyst

If you've read our previous blog post on fighting spam on Business Catalyst websites, you may have found the standard issue CAPTCHA image a bit bland:

Example CAPTCHA image

We recommend changing the colour of the capture image to suit the design/theme of your website.

BC CAPTCHAs Can Be Coloured?!

Yes, indeed!! A quick delve into BC's Reference Guide reveals the options available for styling the CAPTCHA image.

If you're a BC user who doesn't mind getting stuck in at a code level, changing the colours of the CAPTCHA image is easy!

In the BC Admin:

  1. Navigate to Site Manager > Web Forms
  2. Select the form you want to customise
  3. Click the More Actions tab > Customize Web Form
  4. Click the HTML tab at the bottom of the editor window
  5. Locate {module_captchav2} and insert the required parameters

Available options are:

  • Background Colour
  • Foreground (text) Colour
  • Width
  • Height

Syntax is as follows (default values included):

{module_captchav2 backgroundColor="#696969" foregroundColor="#ffffff" width="160" height="36"}

If you're not comfortable editing at a code level (or simply lack the time) and would like coloured CAPTCHA implemented on your website, let us know.

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